Procedure of Online Application

Step 1: Select interview language

Step 2: Read the application guideline, and check the box "I have read and understand ...". Then click Begin Application

Step 3: Fill in the application form. The fields with * should not be blanked.

Step 4: Upload required documents

Step 5: Confirm the information on the application form is correct

Press OK button to confirm

Step 6: Enter the payment process

Press "立即付款"

* Your Internet browser may have blocked the popup window so that the payment screen cannot be displayed. Please follow the instruction to allow popup window.

Click here to see more about how to disable the pop-up blocker

Step 7: Choose a way to pay.

You can login your own PayPal account (if you have), or pay by your credit card.

Step 8: Payment successful. Please print out the application form, questionnaire and completion page, and drop down the application number.